Blended Blended Bronde Balayage Hair Color - Miami Beach color at HAIRBOX 5 Hair Salon, 925 W 39th St, Miami Beach, FL 33140

Blended Bronde Balayage – Miami Beach

Blended Bronde Balayage – Miami Beach 


The Blended Bronde Balayage – Miami Beach: Hairbox 5 Hair Salon unrivaled Master Colorist Team on Miami Beach provide the foremost advice on hair color and what is best for you. 

Within our Color Collection are numerous inspirational looks from Gloss Hair Color, Single Process Hair Color Gloss, Hair Color Highlights Crown & Part Partial Highlights, Full Head Hair Color to Balayage to Highlights and Foiling.

For clients who want to transition their hair color between seasons or simply can’t decide between blonde and brunette –  Blended Bronde Balayage is the perfect in-between color that blends subtle highs and lows into a soft dimension. Plus, these non-committal shades allow for a more low-maintenance color routine and look good on basically every skin tone.




Balayage Hair Color - Miami Beach color at HAIRBOX 5 Hair Salon, 925 W 39th St, Miami Beach, FL 33140

A trending Balayage around Miami Beach is the Blended Bronde – a blend of brown and blonde that’s typically combined using highlights or the Balayage technique. If you’re all about dimension and an admirer of natural-looking highlights, this super wearable Balayage hair trend is worth a try. Much like the Balayage technique we use for Lived-in Hair!

For clients who want to go copper red, Hairbox 5 Salon is the place to embrace rich, warm red  – you’ve probably seen this Balayage around Miami Beach the Copper Penny Balayage.

What is the Difference Between Full Balayage and Partial Balayage?


With Full Balayage hair coloring, we strike colors whether they be Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, Tertiary Colors, Complementary Colors, Warm Colors or Cool colors on your entire hair length from tip to bottom, on the other hand, in partial balayage, only a portion of your hair is highlighted, Typically the Partial Balayage is applied to the top layer of your hair with a focus on end. 

In most instances we recommend Partial Balayage for subtle style changes and for more sweeping changes to your hair a Full Balayage. 

Full Balayage and Partial Balayage – Cost Comparison


Adopting a Full Balayage will always be more costly than a partial one, because the first one may need more visits to our salon on Miami Beach and may involve an Olaplex Treatment. Generally our Balayage price begin at $200 and is established on consultation. 


Where Can I Get a Balayage around Miami?


You have probably Googled “Where Can I Get a Balayage around Miami?” or have seen Yelp Reviews on the Best Salon in Miami for Balayage. But, what exactly are those reviews and do they apply to you?

Our unparalleled colorist team contributes to the mood and look of our clients unique hair color needs.  Be it a recommendation for Full Balayage or Partial Balayage each encompasses the color palette and harmony of skin tone and face shape and hair color. Whether it’s restrained or hyper-colored, subtle with cool colors or bold with composite color that brings a look of warmth, wildlife, and the fall.

So with that said we encourage you to make your own judgment in terms of what hair colorist or hairdresser suits you. With all of our clients we identify and analyze the current depth and tone of the hair and identify complementary colors or opposite colors that neutralize each other. For example violet will kill that nasty canary yellow! 

Our knowledge and theory of hair color is exemplary. 


Other trending color and Balayage services at our Miami Beach Salon on Miami Beach are the Money Piece, Lived in Hair, the Pine Tree Balayage and the Pine Tree Drive Balayage  and the Chestnut Brown Balayage.



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