Lived-in hair, despite its misleading name, is not just a grown – out color that still looks good. Perfect for Miami, Lived – in hair is a new color/highlighting and cutting technique that allows the hair to grow out in a natural way, rather than leaving visible roots that require touch ups.The Lived – In Hair look can last up to six months and only takes a few hours to do dependent on your hair.  The process seems similar to other coloring treatments in that it involves highlighting the entire head, adding color and bleach. However, there are aspects of the lived-in hair technique that make it quite unique.


At some point in a woman’s life they get their hair colored or colored, especially in Miami, It’ a way switch things up, express yourself, though many colorists can tell you, keeping color can be expensive and  can be painstaking, especially if you choose blonde! You may find yourself at the salon every month or buying at-home dyes or touch-ups. When your hair grows the color grows out as well, leading to the unwanted, awkward showing of roots. The solution is found in a newer direction or trend is — lived-in hair.

The trick to lived-in hair is the root that is created its actually mimicked. Your natural hair colors are used to create a look that is blended throughout the entire head so when it grows out there are no harsh roots visible. The principal difference between this treatment and balayage is the intermixing of the color throughout all of your hair, whereas balayage paints a layer over the hair.  The process seems a bit complicated and can take several hours — but the results are worth it! The lived-in hair coloring technique allows for less frequent touch ups, and salon visits and leaves behind a completely natural look even months after the initial coloring.

Using our coloring lines, Redken and L’Oréal, creating this naturally stunning look, is made simple.

Make sure to ask your stylist about lived – in hair next time you want to get your hair colored!


Lived-in Hair is a hair cutting and color technique that adds effortless volume and movement to any texture. “Lived – in Hair” is a way of cutting, not so much the way it’s styled… Straight, waved, natural, lazy… Lived-in hair, it’s about versatility.

We’re always looking for trendy cuts that require as little styling time as possible, but still look like we put some effort into the final look.


Firstly if you’re in Miami, we will need to see your hair in its most natural state. We begin every cut with dry hair. For example, when creating a lived – in bob, our goal is to give our you a  hair cut that is effortless and low maintenance but doesn’t look like it has been freshly cut. Achieving a lived-in look is all in the way hair is cut. We create a cutting technique that is customizable for your specific needs and hair type, that adds effortless volume and movement to any texture, so our clients leave our Miami Beach salon with a cut that looks like it’s been lived – in.

Lived – in hair is a type of cut that allows you not to have to blow dry all the timeit’s essentially wash and go.

Ready to try a lived – in hair cut for yourself? You can book with us here or just ask for a consultation and get expert advice at our Miami Beach Salon.


Have you already tried ombré, balayage, and all the rest? Then you should give lived – in a try! Today’s most popular streaking style looks especially good on blondes for a lived in blonde look and brunettes for a loved in brunette look.

The principle: your own natural hair color or highlights of similar nuances are worked into colored hair. This is done so deftly and delicately that no transitions are visible. While this may not really sound new, the secret is in the details. Lived – in is reminiscent of grown-out color–more messy than tidy. This is much cooler in Miami today than an accurately colored mane. You should choose this coloration innovation if that is the style you love. Rather than having to wait, you can get the casual grown-out look right here at our Miami Beach salon. By the way, lived – in hair works best in combination with relaxed waves–flat at the hairline and softly undulating in the lengths.


If you’re a regular on World Red Eye or lead an active lifestyle going to the gym at Anatomy or doing yoga at Green Monkey Yoga on Miami beach every day, lived – in color works for every occasion.

Integrating your own natural hair color is a big plus your color will appear ultra-natural even though it is skillfully created. Our experienced team offers free consultations to ensure coloration success as the technique is rather tricky and elaborate. While the procedure can take a few hours, the result lasts that much longer. There is no need to color your hair again for at least three months.


It works on any hair color and complements you in any situation, whether you’re just out running errands or walking down a runway. It’s part sophisticated bedhead, part effortlessly chic, and it gives you the appearance of “Oh, I can’t be bothered with my hair color” while having jaw-dropping locks. We start by searching for your natural hair color! After trying several color trends and lightening their hair, many women are far removed from their natural hair tone. This however, needs to be determined. The best hairdressers have a good eye for that and are able to discern the original blonde or brown well. Hint: the best way to identify your natural hair color is in daylight at the hairline. Once the right nuance is found, the hairline is first dyed with the mixed natural hair color. Lived in Color is neither balayage or ombré, it’s a way of blending highlights and color to allow your color to grow out naturally. The lived in look is an end result. It’s a look that can actually be achieved doing a balayage or foilayage or highlights depending on the amount of lift desired.

Then streaks of this hairline color are worked all the way into the lengths. Finally, strands of lighter shades are added for sophisticated highlights. Lived – in hair color appears particularly natural when the strands have different lengths and widths. The best thing about it: with this coloration method, you can let your hair grow out untroubled. It is, after all, your natural color and bothersome contrasts at the hairline are avoided while the streaked style creates a modern effect. And it lasts for weeks. Lived-in color upkeep is minimal. Rather than finding a gorgeous color that works for you and having to return every handful of weeks to maintain that look, lived-in color allows you to only need a touch-up every 3-6 months.

Ready to try a lived – in hair cut for yourself? You can book with us here or just ask for a consultation and get expert advice at our Miami Beach Salon.


To pull off “lived – in” hair is all about the way it’s layered. Since haircuts with shorter, choppier layers often require more styling time, we suggest the longest layers possible. The technique with longer layers will not be as high maintenance as it would be with shorter layers. So the longer the layers, the better,

Who should try a lived – in bob?

If you’re looking for a short, effortless cut, a lived – in bob could be perfect for you as certain hair types can particularly benefit from this version of the lived in look. It’s a great cut, especially for someone with thick hair. It helps to eliminate the weight and bulk.

Ready to try a lived – in hair cut for yourself? You can book with us here or just ask for a consultation and get expert advice at our Miami Beach Salon